leroy bethea
Great environment good customer service a large variety of beverages food and other items the manager jazkrit is a awesome person I love this place
Made a 1:45am visit and was treated very well .. wide range of different spirits .
Sierra DeHart
Great variety, good prices and specials. Good customer service! (especially if you're a regular)
Dora Aguila
I was looking for a certain bottle I couldn't find it anywhere. Called inquiring if they had it and they did!! I spoke with Sam. Great customer service and very friendly. I'm one happy customer! Definitely will be stopping by again. Thank you so much!
Dia V.
This place is my life line!! A short walking distance from work#1. Liquor stacked. Plentiful of unhealthy sweets. I love it! This is my favorite go to sugar rush cave. 12/25/18 was the topper. SOOO HAPPY THEY WERE STILL OPEN!! Yay yayyyyyy! I have been frequenting for about 3.5 years now. I've only had one bad experience but it was a technology error, and was resolved within 2 days (because it was Saturday) other than that all other experiences were pleasant, easy, and filled wit laughter. I do love and enjoy that they are customer based. Anywho it's a liquor store! They sell a lot of my favorite snacks and drinks, and it's very close to one of my work places.
Andrea S.
I like this store very much. The store is always very clean and well stocked. Great selection of craft beers, they also carry Samuel Smith from England. I always have a hard time finding good Beer like that unless I go to BevMo or Whole Foods. There are tons of different cigars to chose from if you smoke. Cigarettes are always stocked. Same with Liqour, you can always find what you want. This store also has a wide variety of shooters, different brands, liquors, if you want to try different types of shots on a budget. Also, Soda is good, the store owners usually have 2 two liters for less the $4. I have never had a negative experience at this store, and there are not all sorts of questionable transients hanging out outside. The only disadvantage to shopping here is that the parking lot is very old and small, and you can only turn right onto Fresno Street because of the heavy traffic on Shaw Ave. Still, do not let that fact stop you from shopping there.
Harasis S.
Awesome store, they have a huge liquor selection and great prices. The staff is great. I love that they are open till 2am everyday. They have a huge premium cigar selection as well.